Click instrument to enlarge or click the hole picture to enlarge. Rightclick " to" Roland MC505 (Groovebox) Roland MC909 (Groovebox with synthesizer & sampler) Access Virus TI (Synthesizer with USB audio, USB MIDI & usable as VSTI) Roland JP8080 (Synthesizer) Roland JD800 (Synthesizer) Roland DS7 (Active monitor) Roland VM3100 Pro (Digital mixer) Waldorf Micro Q (Synthesizer) Roland XV5080 (32 multitimbral synthesizer) Steinberg Midex8 (8in 8out MIDI interface) Roland Vari OS (Vari phrase sampler with TB303) Roland M1000 (10ch digital mixer with USB audio soundcard) Roland V-Synth XT (Vari phrase synthesizer) Big amplifier (for second monitors) to wake up my neighborhood ;-) CD-Rom (for XV5080) A cool Roland mouse pad ;-) Korean: Tae Kwon Do A mouse ;-) Plasma ball A cool tribal ;-) Click here to enlarge the soundstudio picture.